A Couple of Fundraiser Ideas

While the virus is still around, I’m sure nonprofits are considering their options for raising funds, with added difficulty. Here are a couple of ideas though that are contactless.

1 Fruit sales –

I was surprised at how nowadays all you have to do is pass around a link and people can get fruit shipped directly to them through the mail. It’s pretty convenient for the fundraiser, because they don’t have to handle the product, or work out delivery. It’s also great because the fruit is practically fresh off the tree this way. Here’s a link below as an example of Indian River Groves.


2 A Kindle Book –

This might be a little difficult, but if you did a mastermind together it would help. Theoretically you could write a book for Kindle, place it in their promotional program for free, and raise funds. As long as Amazon gets to sell it exclusively, they’ll promote it to some extent.

Each person participating could write a short story, or chapter, or even just proofread if they don’t feel especially inspired. Maybe one person could draw the cover design.

The book might even become popular among your friends and family or more. It’s also another way to spread a link around without spreading a virus.

3 Write For Medium –

As far as writing goes, asking each member to contribute an article to Medium could get your cause or project noticed, as well as raise funds.

4 Ebay Auction Local Artist’s Work -

If you have artists in your area willing to work out a deal, you might try auctioning off some of their work. This would give your organization unlimited upside potential, as well as help the artist. Plus, if you offered them a percentage of what was raised there would be incentive for them to help promote it.

Well, those are a couple of ways to fundraise through contactless times. I hope something of it was helpful, and if you want some fresh vitamin C to boost your immune system, check out our local blind affiliate’s link to Indian River Grove.



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