Garrett Mosley
4 min readFeb 24, 2021


Easy Money When It Comes To Crypto

A possible investment, and some free crypto.

I’ll just be very brief, borderline leaving out info, since anyone can google search anything in particular they need. You shouldn’t consider this to be investment advice, of course. Just be wise.

Coinbase, a fundamental investment

To me, Coinbase seems like a safe bet whenever they list their stock publicly. Consider the east coast how they have the stock exchanges. Chicago has options, and the commodities exchange. Now, San Francisco has coinbase, the crypto exchange. Many people already use, and will use this platform for that purpose. So, there’s a long-term outlook for the company, even if it’s not a stellar break out stock from the get go. It very well could be for all we know. Main point is they have a future. i.e. more chances of getting back your investment than losing it.

I hear they have pretty decent security practices, to keep digital currency from being stolen. Customers don’t have to actually know how to secure their crypto, since Coinbase can do that for them. That’s definitely a plus, since that alone deters many from buying. Also, Coinbase will be more safe about holding crypto than most customers would.

Since it’s an entire exchange you’re buying into, and not just one particular crypto currency, it’s sorta like either buying the bank, or buying a crypto ETF, if you want to think of it that way, or both. Even if one of the currencies others buy or sell on the exchange goes bad, the other hundreds or thousands to come will help coinbase remain profitable. As long as theirs an internet there’s always going to be people who use crypto currency.

Free Crypto

The way anyone can get free crypto, right now, in the next five minutes or less, is to download the Brave browser, which is free. This browser is already seriously affecting the entire content creation ecosystem.

Now, the browser is secure, but to me the brilliant main point of Brave is, instead of you, the customer, having to watch ads for free, you actually get paid for the ads.

Long-term I think this is awesome, because it redistributes wasted capital back to where it’s needed (regular people.) I say wasted capital, because if you think about it that’s all ad revenue really is. It’s charging somebody extra for a product or service so you can aggravate them later to buy from you again. Sorry if that’s a little glass half empty.

It’s understandable because it’s necessary, everybody has needs, but with Brave, you’re getting your money back. I can’t say enough good about this idea.

Think of it as digital voting. You, the customer, not just another consumer, get to decide where your ad money goes to, even if you just want to keep it for yourself. That’s totally fine. You could buy whatever you want.

Users are awarded Basic Attention Token, a crypto currency, which is easily earned and exchangeable. I think this will be a major selling point too, because when people don’t feel like their risking their debit card information (because you’re not) or whatever, and it’s just the BAT they’ve earned from ads, they’ll be more likely to quickly press the button and tip content creators. You can actually even setup the browser to automatically tip. This will help people producing good content continue making the time to do so.

If you’re used to using a chromium based browser, you won’t have to relearn anything. Brave also does a good job of importing bookmarks.

I do have to make the confession that for the first month or so, I was so happy not having to watch ads that I didn’t enable them. But, then my greed started talking and reminded me that part of the reason I’d downloaded the browser was to get paid for ads.

I had experienced just such a faster load speed, when I had switched from a particular gluttonous, bloated, and popular browser that likes to track everything their cattle does, that I hadn’t wanted things to slow down again. However, I actually haven’t noticed any slowdown in speed after enabling ads, so am very very happy with Brave. From the way I’ve heard it explained, Brave keeps websites that like to track people from using up your device’s resources too much, so that’s good. I mean it’s costing you in electricity, so why not get paid to be advertised to, and reduce the strain on your computer as well?

In the maybe two months I’ve been using it, I’ve already earned enough to buy a cup of coffee. By the end of the year it will probably be enough for a meal for two.

I hope this article was somehow helpful or entertaining. Here’s a link to download the Brave browser.