Save Yourself Time On Common Typos

Garrett Mosley
2 min readMar 2, 2022

Maybe it’s the percussionist part of me but I have a problem with typing the word “could.” If you’ll notice, the first letter is pressed with the left hand and then the next three letters are with the right hand, before switching back to the left. I’m just wondering if all those years of band make me want to try and go “right hand-left hand, right hand-left hand” on everything. It’s a theory. Haha. By the way, I’m not claiming to be a great drummer, so maybe that’s just it. Or, maybe I try to type too fast and drink too much caffeine.

Regardless of trivial personal anecdotes, here’s a way to save yourself time on the common words you butcher, using Microsoft Word:

This should work on Microsoft Word 2016 and up, although probably does in older versions too.


Open MS Word.

Press Alt F, then the letter T. You don’t have to press Alt and F at the same time, either way works, but you do need to pause a second before pressing T.

Congratulations, you just used first letter navigation to utilize the ribbon…. Seriously, you did!

Ok, so now arrow right, or click on the Proofreading tab.

Tab to and spacebar, or however you do, select the Autocorrect button.

Now, you’ll see the Replace box, and the With box. It’s pretty self-explanatory, yeah.

In the Replace box I type in the word “oculd” because that’s the word I seem to want to type whenever I want to type “could.”

In the With box type the correct spelling of the word.

Enter to save your changes. I mean, what have you got to lose? You just admitted you have a typing problem friend. Don’t be afraid… Ok, enough jokes.

After you enter or escape key out of the dialog box, you can start typing a sentence and try typing the misspelled word.

If you followed the directions, it should work. I’ll include my exact settings below in case you have some checkboxes different from mine.

I hope this was helpful and hope you have a great day.

Options Settings For Word

Main Proofing Tab

Check spelling as you type check box‑ checked‑

Mark grammar errors as you type check box‑ checked‑

Frequently confused words checked‑

Check grammar with spelling checked‑

Hide spelling errors in this document only not checked‑

Hide grammar errors in this document only not checked‑

Autocorrect Button Settings

Actually, I don’t notice anything here worth mentioning, but it could just be ignorance on my part.