Software used:

Latest versions of JAWS and Google Chrome as of this publication

The Problem:

On a writer’s page, or any page really that displays article titles written, on Medium, JAWS says “Post Preview Title”. JAWS also reads the estimated time for reading as “Post Preview Reading Time”.

If that’s too vague here’s a link with some example articles below.

As you arrow down, right after the member only button, it will say “Post Preview Title.”

My guess:

I had thought these were graphics, but used Insert F1, with the cursor on the element. It says it’s a link that goes to another page, and tells me the title there.

I’ve tried to change my JAWS settings for links or graphics every way they can be changed, but it doesn’t tell me the title in a regular way. This doesn’t happen on other sites than I can think of. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Once I hear something that works, I’ll take this down. I just thought this would be an easy way to receive comments from Medium or JAWS engineers or ideas on what to change.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does offer a suggestion.



Assistive Technology Instructor

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