Some Helpful Windows Features You Might Like

Built In Dictation For Word

This isn’t entirely new, but still might be new enough to have went under the radar for many. Simply by pressing Windows H, while inside a Word document, you can talk over your mic and dictation will write it down for you. I’ve tested it out some and it’s pretty good. Even though no dictation, on any device, is perfect it still might be faster than typing for some people. Also, depending on the way you process information, it might be best to just let your thoughts flow, quite literally out of your mouth.

A tip working with Word Dictation –

One way you might increase productivity is to have two word documents going. You could have your main window, where the main document is, and a blank, sort of throw away one in which you do the dictation in. That way it’s easy to edit, page by page, and then select all, copy, alt tab, and paste into your main document. Everybody’s different so that might be less productive for some.

How Edge browser’s Defender window can keep you safe online.

Defender’s Application Guard will change internet security, and hacking for some time. Step back for a moment and realize, if you were unaware, that for the past several years more than 80% of viruses and malware have been Windows based. That’s for the same reason most businesses run on Windows. So many other people already use it, it’s most likely to be compatible.


Brave article on how redirecting works



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