Sticky Keys and Accessibility Errors For Windows 11

No Warning When It Comes To Updates

Windows 11 isn’t telling me when it updates, or giving me any warning in advance that the next time I start the computer there will be a 30 minute update waiting for me. What do people at the regular work sites do, I wonder? I guess they have an I.T. department to make sure that doesn’t happen. idk.

Lock Screen Issues

This is more of a Windows 10 issue, I think. 1st problem is it’s difficult to get out of the lock screen for a person using a screen reader. I tell my students to hit enter twice, but that doesn’t always work if they’ve already tabbed or arrowed before they realized it came on while they were away.

Sticky Keys

Is the whole reason I wrote this article, actually. I turned them off, and they’re still wreaking havoc. They come on without warning, I hit all kinds of commands by accident, and it’s accidentally causing lots of problems.



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