Sync Your Syllabus Into One Calendar

The Problem

So, you’ve got five different syllabus handed to you and you’re still in shock? “How will I keep up with all of this?” you might ask. Microsoft Word to the rescue! Seriously, seriously.

Step Zero: Receive the Syllabus

If you’re sighted, you probably won’t have to worry about this one, but to be fair a lot of times blind people can get an electronic syllabus through email or from the college website before the paper ones are handed out. If you get a printed copy and there hasn’t been an electronic format one posted or emailed yet, just assume it will be further delayed.

Step 1: Begin The Calendar

Let’s assume it’s a fall semester that begins in august. Once you have a blank Word document open type August, and then enter twice to start a new line. Do the same for each month until you’ve got all the months for that semester.

Step 2: Apply Headings

Navigate the cursor to each of the months, one by one, and use the keyboard command

Step 3: Input Assignments and Dates

Take your first syllabus and go to the calendar part. Input the data onto your master calendar that you’re making. Since you have the months written, and headings applied, you don’t have to write the month each time and can just begin each entry with the date number. I’ll have an example below if that doesn’t make sense.

Syllabus Calendar


25 quiz Intro to Philosophy


12th Read pages 20–40 Descartes


31 halloween party



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