The Inquisition Legacy

Garrett Mosley
4 min readSep 16, 2022

The Inquisition Legacy is the best game in the MUD genre on the internet, and perfect for screen readers. It’s not too fast paced and is a multiplayer game. Usually, there’s between ten or 40 people on, from all over the world.

I wanted to invite some more players to try it out. It’s a fantasy medieval game, where magic is real and if you’re born a mage you just might get hunted down and burned at the stake. When you make a character you have the option of opting out, so no worries. You can always play an Orderite, or knight if you prefer. Of course the mages like to try to pick on them too though. Players can kill other players characters, but the point of the game is to tell a good story so it shouldn’t happen for no reason, or without warning. A lot of characters never have to worry about getting killed.

All you need is a free copy of VIP MUD client from the link below and an internet connection.

(For Mac users or iPhone, an app called MUD Rammer should work.)

After going to the downloads page, you click on the link for VIP MUD. You’ll then need to install it. I recommend just going with the recommended screen reader settings, and to have a desktop icon. If something goes wrong, you’ll need to hear the text pop up on the output area. Those options will be on the file menu if it needs adjusting, under the Tools And Preferences submenu. Arrow right on it, and then down to Speech if it’s not reading after the game loads. If you don’t change anything it should work fine I believe though when installing.

Here’s how to connect to The Inquisition Legacy:

1 At the main screen of VIP MUD, shift tab once to the Manual Quick Connect button, and spacebar on it.

2 Now, tab once to the first edit box that you encounter. Type the MUD’s address which is

Or just copy and paste the above line. You’ll notice there’s a dash in the middle.

3 Now, tab once more to the next edit box. This is the port number which is where you type


Or copy and paste that too. So, put that in there. Now, all you have to do is tab until you hear the connect button and spacebar on it to connect. Hopefully, you’re in an location that doesn’t block you with a firewall, or some kind of network security where they are real strict.

4 Now, the beautiful, majestic welcome screen of T.I loads. If you read it you’ll notice this game has been around for almost two decades! Yes, people have liked it enough to keep it alive since 2005, when it began.

5 Your account name will be the name you pick for your first character. Try to pick a name that is thematic for a medieval world or you might be asked to rename later.

6 Ok, so you just follow the screen prompts and I highly recommend choosing the Quick Character generation. You can always go back to fine tune your character, or remake another one later. It’s better and faster to use Quick create, and just add to the character as things pop up. Sometimes you might have a general idea of what kind of character you want, but depending on the guild you end up joining, it might mean wasted time and effort.

Once you have your login and password stuff setup it’s pretty straight forward.

The player stats are pretty much the same as Dungeons And Dragons type stats, if you’re familiar with that game. So, charisma is for people that might be good politically, or adept at performing musical instruments, for example. You’ll pick which stat your character is strongest on.

Once you’re character is created, you can type enter game and begin walking around town and meeting other characters played by real people from all over the world.

A Few Basic Helpful Commands

I’d guess most screen reader users will use the first one, but the rest are up to the player.

Prompt, turns off the rpxp hp etc. thing that pops up all the time.

Autowarn, turns off reminders to set actions, hemotes, and moods..

Ti-fact, turns off the helpful little random facts for newbies. If you like the game you might want to leave it on until you’ve read them all.

Brief, will shorten room information. You might want to wait on this one until you’ve seen all the rooms you plan on visiting a lot, but after you’ve read the same thing a dozen times, it helps to turn brief on. You can always see a room’s full description again if you type “L” for look, and hit enter.

bmood, this command will turn room moods on, which is highly recommended. Moods are little temporary things players can write about a room, like they left it a mess, or its been decorated for a ball. In case that’s hard to hear, that’s the word mood, with a letter b, as in Bob, on the front.

In Game Commands

Visnet, followed by your question will publicly ask a question to other players online. Hint: if you want to be a mage you don’t ask incriminating questions there. You would use Mage instead of Visnet. Like this:

mage How do I bla bla bla?

To travel Travel, followed by the name of the place, will auto move your character to that location, if you’re close enough. You can’t be like on the other side of the map and expect to get somewhere though, or a player’s private home.

Score tells you a lot of hopeful info about your character, like how much fitness you have, if you have mail, etc.

Hope to see you around.