The Many Capitals of The USA

It’s interesting to consider some of the main services or products produced by a city. Sometimes you might even consider a place the capital of whatever it’s known for. Feel free to comment any suggestions that you feel I left out, if you want, or share this article if you find it interesting. Thank you. Now, in mostly alphabetical order…


Similarly, the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) is there, which is kind of like the futures market for stocks. It’s basically stock insurance and sounds very complicated at first, if you’re not familiar.



Funny side note: A friend of mine used to be a security guard at one, and he was convinced the building was haunted. He said the elevator would come down to the bottom when he was the only person in the building sometimes. If I remember correctly, it was the Mass Mutual building. I don’t know whether someone was pulling his leg or it’s just an elevator thing.

Las Vegas

Los Angeles

Memphis or Nashville?


San Francisco

Dr. Thomas Sowell said that if you own a house in San Francisco and sold it, you’d automatically count in the top one percent of wealth for America that year. That’s how expensive real estate is there.

Both SF and NYC have the highest rent prices in America for the same reasons. It’s partly in demand and also they’re very restrictive on development.

New York

I guess it’s considered the capital of mass media, or publishing, for America too. They also have the big news, and newspapers. There’s also quite a few publishing companies for books and magazines.


Well, there’s just a brief thought experiment about capitals of the US, from a different perspective. I hope it was helpful, interesting, or entertaining. Feel free to follow me if you like articles on the various random topics I’m easily amused by. Lol



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