The Perspective of Character Exploration

Garrett Mosley
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Here’s an interesting trick for anyone who likes to write fanfics, or stories, or maybe has a character concept that they’d like to really think through. If you logon to the free game The Inquisition Legacy, you can make the character you wish, and virtually live their life out to experience that perspective. This MUD (multi user dungeon) is a live multiplayer game set in the medieval city of Lithmore. Magic exists in very limited amounts, but is punished by burning at the stake. Not every character has to be a mage, and you can really put as little or as much as you want into your character, even rewriting your clothes descriptions. The main player base are all very good role-players, and veteran MUD users that are happy to help new people.

Two Big Reasons It Helps

So, as you create your character, you’ll 1 have to think through the process of what makes them tick, background personality etc., but the main thing that will help you is 2 the interaction with other people. As situations arise, or questions are asked, you’ll get a lot of great trial by interaction with those players. You know how it is to spring board ideas off of people, or when they ask questions you totally hadn’t thought of. It’s great.

With their website you don’t even have to download a MUD client, but many players do, just because they already had them before coming over, or they might play other games sometimes too. If you use a screen reader GMA Games MUD client, called VIP Mud works very good.

The Inquisition Legacy website though is

If you use a MUD client the way you enter the info is: port 5050 in the appropriate edit boxes.

In VIP Mud for example you don’t have to type the www part at the beginning.

I hope you found this article helpful. If so please feel free to share it around. Every MUD just about is always happy to have new players.

If I notice too many new players, like over a hundred or something, coming in I’ll take this article down. Just fair warning. I’m sure the game could support that many I just think it might get a little uhm, crowded perhaps? If it were more than that. I think the most they’ve ever had logged in at once was 67, or something like that so help me break the record if you want lol.

I don’t own either GMA Games or TI Legacy, but just enjoy the game and think other people would too.